Kensington Junior Golf Tour, L. L. C.

About the Tour

The Kensington Valley Golf Tour houses the Livingston (est. 2006), Washtenaw (est. 2009), Oakland (est. 2014) and Wayne (est. 2016) Divisions and offers a collection of events that give local junior golfers the opportunity to play in organized and competitive golf tournaments at a reasonable rate. 

As local High School coaches and golfers, we understand the importance of playing competitive golf to improve your game and prepare for the next level. The Kensington Junior Tour's 30 events are a way of offering more options for the junior golfers in the KLAA, SEC and OAA areas. The BEST way to prepare for High School golf is to play as much competitive golf as possible. 

Our schedule is extensive and provides opportunities to play the areas best courses, many of which are high school match and tournament sites.

Our rates are very reasonable compared with other junior golf tours. In most cases we are roughly half the cost, without sacrificing a professionally run experience. 



We offer 5 playing opportunities for junior golfers:
 • 18 holes for 15-18* year old boys  
 • 18 holes for 12-14* year old boys 

 • 18 holes for 12-18 year old girls

 • 9 holes** for 7-11* year old girls and boys

 • 9 hole - developmental -  6-11* year old girls and boys (non-trophy division, parent walkers/caddie required with each group)



*These are suggestions as to where we think golfers should start playing. When you register, please pick the appropriate playing opportunity based upon the players' ability. You are always welcome to play up. We will allow graduating seniors to play the summer after they graduate

** Players 12 or older may play 9 holes if this is where they are comfortable, but will not factor in the awards, or Tour Championship Points until all players 11 and under have been accounted for. Thank you for understanding the meaning of this competition for our younger players. 

*** We will always try to pair girls players, with girls players. We will always play from a forward tee for this group. Our policy is that is 4 or more girls are in the event in the same age group, they will create a separate category for awards (girl's division). If less than 3 girls are entered they will compete points only, and will play separate tees. Please encourage girls golfers that you know to play.....we would love to have a permanent division!

18 Holers will generally play from the white tees and scores typically range from mid 70's to low 100's

9 Holers will generally play from red tees and scores range from low 40's to low 60's. Adult walkers/scorers may  walk with groups. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as walkers/scorers, but are not there as advisors and coaches. This is an opportunity to grow! 

At the end of the year, we have four Tour Championships  - all golfers are welcome to wrap up their season at the TC! These are some of the best courses we play all year - and we award Double Points

We would like to welcome all levels of golfers to register but understand that this tour is not for first time golfers. A good rule of thumb....if your son/daughter can regularly strike the ball with flight, then sign up for the tour. If not, then please consider signing up for some individual lessons and playing on the tour later in the season or next year. We are happy to offer advice on where to look for instruction. 

As always, if you have questions please contact us.