Kensington Junior Golf Tour, L. L. C.

Covid-19 Policies

2020 Safety Protocols - please carefully read the following safety protocols. There are several new aspects to golf this year. Parents, please make certain to discuss these with your children. 


Notice to Competitors, Parents, Caddies and Spectators


The Kensington Junior Golf Tour, L.L.C. has consolidated the following safety protocols in conjunction with the Back2Golf plan, an industry-wide plan for a safe return to golf. 

The following GENERAL PRINCIPLES have guided our decision-making – and we kindly ask for the help of all involved to make sure we can continue safe operation


1)    Limiting the overall number of people at an event simultaneously

2)    Eliminating all possible touchpoints

3)    Maximizing the game’s natural physical distance


Tournament Protocols:

Please stay home if you are sick, a temporal scanner will be available on site


Please arrive at the check-in area no more than 10 minutes prior to your tee time. Avoid gathering if there is a back up at registration/first tee


Caddies – please practice social distancing from all players including tee and green areas, where this is more difficult. Players should pick their club, and caddie should kindly step back. No caddie bibs will be used this year. No motorized carts allowed for caddies.


Driving Range availability will be at the discretion of each course, please use proper social distancing if using the range and plan time accordingly


Practice Putting Green - No more than 2 players may putt to each practice hole on practice green, please use proper social distancing and plan time accordingly


Indoor spaces may be closed until courses choose to open, please plan accordingly. Please avoid indoor spaces.


Only 1 spectator per player permitted, courses may have an individual policy prohibiting spectators. Please maintain proper distancing from all participants and staff


Please wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizers as often as possible


Please avoid handshaking/hugs and adhere to social distancing policies at all times


Please bring a mask if intending to use. The KJGT will have masks available for players and staff as requested. Masks will be required in situations such as rain delays.


Players should bring their own pencil or marker for scoring if possible. Pencils will be available, but please keep a few in your bag for the summer


All players will keep all scores in their group on their own card, no rotating will occur. When the round is completed scores will be read to the staff. The player and marker will verbally attest scores and tournament staff will record. Scores will be final when the player leaves the scoring area. 


Scorecard playoffs will be used starting at the #1 handicap hole and working back. No live playoffs will be used until further notice. 


Players, caddies and spectators should immediately leave the facility after reporting scores to avoid gathering of groups.  Winners will be posted on social media and awards will be given and the player's next event.


Players may lift, clean and place in bunkers. Please smooth footprints the best you can when exiting. 


Each course will have their own setup with flagsticks, ranging from an insert in the cup to an elevated cup. Players must not touch or remove the flagstick at any time. Tournament staff will explain the rules for each day but generally speaking, the ball must rest in the hole (on the insert) to be considered holed. 


The KJGT will start utilizing continuous putting until further notice to avoid gatherings on the green. A player will make their first putt at the hole, and will continue putting until the ball is holed, while the other players wait. Please be prepared and read your line while waiting. When the ball is holed, that player will exit the green. 


Please use common sense and respect with every decision you make. Golf is a game of integrity, and this year it is more important that ever. This advice is for players, parents and spectators. 


Thank you,