Kensington Junior Golf Tour

Season Tour Tips

Welcome back Kensington Junior Golf Tour Members- 


We are excited have events covering a 4-county area, and will organize into 4 divisions:


Livingston Division

Washtenaw Division

Oakland Division

Wayne Division


Please remember that members of the Kensington Junior Golf Tour can play events in ANY or ALL of the 4 divisions. You may pick and choose as your schedule permits!

Registrations will start April 1st for the 2017 Season ! - We are looking forward to another successful season of providing local Junior Golf competitions at an affordable rate to all of our area youngsters. This season promises to be the best ever and we are pleased to announce the following exciting helpful items: 

PLEASE NOTE: Tee Times will be posted two days prior to each event and will be updated as needed. Please check the night before or morning of as changes often occur! If you register after the 48 hour advanced deadline, there will be a $10 late charge.

Don't worry! We will solve any issues - but your advanced notice is helpful and needed to communicate with the host golf facilities. Please note that web registrations are not instantly added to tee sheet. ALL registrations must be paid online in order to be assigned a tee time! Thanks 

1- We are excited to continue offering our quality tournament schedule this summer. We hope you enjoy the tournament experience on some of Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland and Wayne County’s best courses. We have tried to streamline our registration process and encourage players to join us in each location if they wish. Reminder- There will be no separate registration fee for playing on both Tours- just the daily tournament fee. Please Note- you may accrue Tour Championship Points for Any Tour, but are only eligible to compete on the Ryder Cup Team for the County that you reside in. 

2- A few helpful tips to make your season a good one! - show up at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled tee time. USGA rules dictate that late for tee time = disqualification - bring plenty of water/Gatorade.


CADDIES - new this year - we will be allowing Caddies for ALL DIVISIONS. This is a massive leap of faith for us!! You will receive literature regarding our "caddie code of conduct" and will be expected to abide by our format in order to ensure fairness and sportsmanship to all players in and around your group. We prefer that caddies walk with players, but in certain circumstanced may consider caddies using electric cart at their own expense. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will players be allowed to ride in a cart. More info to follow.....

We will practice PACE of PLAY improvement all year- a few things that can really help are always watching your shot, taking only 1 practice swing and walking quickly to your golf ball. - Make certain to bring a great attitude each day! Golf is not a game of perfect, but we promise you will improve this year! - Range Finders ARE ALLOWED! - Pull Carts ARE ALLOWED! 

3- Registering for additional events- we have contracted with ShotStat to provide a new registration experience for our members. We are certain you will find it easier to navigate and much more user friendly.  

4- Pre-Payment Policy- again this year (at the request of our host courses) – all events must be pre-paid in order to reserve a tee time. The easiest way is to pay online for the events that you wish to play in. Tee times will generally be posted 48 hours in advance- so payment should be in by this time to ensure space in the event. Please be mindful of the timing to assure that your child is entered. If you register at the very last minute, and do not see your tee time (IE late the night before, or morning of) – please show up to the golf course, and we will almost always be able to get you out. Please be aware that the system will charge a late fee if you register inside of the 48-hour advance window.

5- Cancellation Policy – 
 7+ Days advanced Notice will receive a Full refund. 
 6 days-48 Hours – 50% refund 
 Less than 48 hours – no refund 

6- We will still have a season ending Tour Championship on each Tour, and again this year we will open this event to ALL participants. The Livingston Tour Championship will be held at The Huntmore GC, The Oakland Tour Championship at Mystic Creek GC, the Washtenaw Tour Championship will be held at Lake Forrest GC and the Wayne Tour Championship will be held at Fellow's Creek GC. These are four great courses- please join us!!!! 

7- We are very excited to hold our eighth season ending RYDER CUP match play event between the top players from Livingston County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County and Wayne County. Stay tuned for more details, and play hard to qualify to represent your home turf! 

8- Practice- we are pleased to have Miles of Golf and Carl’s Golfland, both on board as a supporting partners. These are both Top Ranges, Golf Retail Stores, and Instructional Facilities in the United States. Each facility has offered ½ off range balls to all of our Tour Members – what a great benefit and two great places to practice.

9- 9 –Holers and Girls Policy  – we have had countless debates over the years regarding the 9-hole division and ages, along with the Girls Divisions. After much reflection and research we have made some concrete changes. This is taken from our website, and will stand as our final decision this year. 

We offer 5 playing opportunities for junior golfers:
 • 18 holes for 15-18* year old boys  
 • 18 holes for 12-14* year old boys 

 • 18 holes for 12-18 year old girls

 • 9 holes** for 7-11* year old girls and boys

 • 9 hole - developmental -  6-11* year old girls and boys (non-trophy division, parent walkers/caddie required with each group)


 *These are suggestions as to where we think golfers should start playing. When you register, please pick the appropriate playing opportunity based upon the players' ability. 

 ** Players 12 or older MAY play 9 holes if this is where they are comfortable, but will not factor in the awards, or Tour Championship Points until all players 11 and under have been accounted for. Example – an 11 year old score or 45 will beat a 12 year old score of 44. Thank you for understanding the meaning of this competition for our younger players. If your son/daughter is ready, we really encourage them to play 18 holes. 

 *** We will always try to pair girls players, with girls players. We will always play from a forward tee for this group. Our policy is that is 4 or more girls are in the event in the same age group, they will create a separate category for awards (girl's division). If less than 3 girls are entered, they will compete against the boys for awards and points, but will still play separate tees. Please encourage girls golfers that you know to play.....we would love to have a permanent girls division! As always- we love it when our members return to play our local events during the summer. Please consider sharing information about your experience with the Kensington Junior Tour with your friends, neighbors and classmates. Whether you are just learning to compete, or are refining your skills, we promise you an enjoyable, educational summer on the golf course- one that is certain to help keep junior golfers improving at an impressive rate.

 *** The 9-hole Developmental division will be a non-trophy division with an emphasis on spending time with your kids, and helping them learn the game from a manageable distance. Parent walkers or caddies are needed to help assure this group reaches the proper set of tees. This can be a very rewarding investment for kids if they are just learning the game.